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Online Buddha, Bodhisattvas and Hindu Statues and Sculptures Catalog - Buddha Statues - Shakyamuni Buddha Statues
- Shakyamuni Buddha Statues : Full Gold Plated
4 Sakyamuni Buddha Statue
Price: US$ 119.99
Out of stock
Size: 4"
Materials: Copper Alloy with 24 Karat Full Gold Repousse and Antique Finish.
Crafted By: Master artisan from Patan Nepal.
Made In: Nepal.
Time to Ship: 24 Hours
Availability: World wide delivery within 3 5 business days.
Insurance: Yes.
Speciality: Antique Finish and Seated on unique Lotus Stand.
This small 4 Full Gold Repousse Sakyamuni Buddha Sculpture is made from Copper Alloy and has Antique Finish which is crafted by our experienced artisan who has been in this business from generations.
Sakyamuni Buddh
Gautama Buddha was born as Siddharta Gautama in Southern part of Nepal now called Lumbini, around 563 BC, on the day of the full moon in May. Gautam Buddha was the son of the king and queen of the Suddodhana and Mayadevi of Sakya kingdom. At the auspicious birth of Gautama Buddha, seven Brahmin priests consulted by the king agreed that if the young prince would stay at home, Gautama Buddha would become a universal king, but if he left, he would become a Buddha and remove the veil of ignorance from the world. The eighth Brahmin declared that Gautama Buddha would definitely become a Buddha, renouncing the world after seeing four signs - an old man, a diseased man, a dead man and a holy man. The king Suddodhana, concerned about losing his heir, sheltered his son from pain and suffering and surrounded him with every conceivable. The turning point of Siddhartha's life occurred when he was twenty-nine as Siddhartha Gautama set out on four journeys during which he encountered a decrepit old man leaning on a staff; a pitiful man wrecked with disease; a corpse; and finally a yellow robed monk with a shaved head and a begging bowl. Moved with compassion by the first three signs, Siddhartha Gautama realized that life was subject to old age, disease and death. The fourth sign signified to him the possibility of overcoming these conditions and inspired him to leave the world he knew in order to find a solution to suffering.

In the midnight the prince left his wife and newborn son and began the life of a wandering monk. Siddhartha Gautama joined a group of five ascetics and for six years practiced severe austerities, which left him so weak that he nearly lost his life. Realizing the futility of asceticism the prince abandoned his austerities to seek his own path of enlightenment whereupon his five companions rejected him and deserted him. One day a villager's daughter fed him rich rice milk which gave him great strength. Following this meal he sat beneath a fig tree and vowed not to move until he had attained enlightenment. The tree became known as the Bo tree (short for Bodhi or enlightenment) and the place was later named the Immovable Spot.

This small 4 Sakyamuni Buddha Sculpture has his left hand extended in the Bhumisparsa gesture, the mudra of witness. His left hand lies in the lap with palm upward. This is the gesture of "touching the earth" or "calling the earth to witness," commemorating Buddha's victory over temptation by the demon Mara. Sakyamuni Buddha is seated on a Padmasana pedestal of lotus petals arranged in a row. This is one of the most popular portrayals of Sakyamuni at the moment of his full enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya.
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