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- Special Bodhisattva Statues
6" Yellow Kubera Statue
Price: US$ 315.00
Out of stock
Size: 6"
Materials: Bronze Alloy.
Crafted By: Master artisan from Patan, Nepal.
Made In: Nepal.
Time to Ship: 24 Hours
Availability: World wide delivery within 3 – 5 business days.
Insurance: Yes.
Speciality: Beautifully carved Bronze Alloy Sculpture.
This 6” Yellow Kubera Sculpture is made from Copper Alloy and is painted in antique style which is crafted by the experienced artisan of Patan, Nepal who has been in this business for generations.

Yellow Kubera – The God of Wealth
Yellow Kubera, The God of Wealth, he is the manifestation of Buddha Ratnasambhava. The yellow Kubera is yellow in color. Yellow Kubera is adorned with a crown, jewel and gold ornaments and silk garments, seated imperially in the center of the multi-colored lotus throne, stepped on a white conch shell. With left hand in the stoat a jewel keeping in mouth and right hand the morni of gush of flame on the right knee, with the jewel earring and jewel necklace, he is exposing his chest and abdomen, the aura and lucky cloud surrounded on the sides.

According to the sutras, it is said that when Shakyamuni Buddha was saying the Maha Prajna-Paramita Sutra, some demon came to disturb the Buddha and wanted to create confusion. Just at that time, Yellow Kubera appeared in front of the Buddha and protected him. Upon seeing his courageous behavior, the Buddha asked Yellow Kubera if he wish to become a dharma protector and save the sentient beings. Yellow Kubera accepts the Buddha’s word and from then onwards, he protected the dharma and if anyone calls his name, he will come and help that person. If one has trouble with finance or anything, one can chant the mantra of his and he will come and help. But one must have a Bodhi mind and practice Buddhism properly to attain his blessings. One can also gain wealth, wisdom, intelligence and at last! Attain Buddhahood! The beneficence of the Yellow Kubera is that his doctrine enables the follower to have good luck and Virtues, prolong his life, increase his intelligence and gain both material and spiritual benefits.
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